Grantmaking for Haitian led innovation and solutions in Ayiti (Haiti)

Ayiti Community Trust (ACT) is a grantmaking community foundation. We offer nonprofit community-based organizations in Ayiti, especially in rural communities, an opportunity to share in our commitment to sustainable development by funding grants to innovative programs that are leading the way in one or more of the three pillars; civic education, environment, and entrepreneurship.

Current Grantees


Based in Northern Haiti, their goal is to help the youth of the area grow intellectually, economically and socially. They provide workshops and trainings focused on various sectors of the society, including the economy, technology, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and education.

Their Agri-Business program will focus on training young people to explore agricultural projects that can develop into businesses which support the local agriculture in the Commune of Lenbe in the North.

Coopérative des Acteurs de Pêche d'Environnement et d'élevage (CAPEELAG)

CAPEELAG is a cooperative of fishermen and local associations on the island of La Gonave working to protect coastal ecosystems that are critical to their livelihoods and well-being.

Mangroves are an essential component of the coastal ecosystem. They provide habitats for high-value marine species, prevent coastal erosion and storm surges, and sequester 10x more carbon than terrestrial trees. However, the cutting of mangroves for use in charcoal production has threatened their existence. CAPEELAG proposes to combat this trend by rehabilitating La Gonave's mangrove forests and establishing a community goat park to generate new sources of income that can help offset charcoal production money.

Soldarité Haitienne Pour Le Dévelopement De Kenscoff (SOHADERK)

SOHADERK works to reverse the environmental degradation of natural resources in the mountainous community of Kenscoff. They provide agricultural extension services and innovative trainings to a growing network of farmers in the region.

SOHADERK will train its network of farmers on the use of biofertilizer and biopesticides in order promote sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment, increase farmer incomes, and yield more nutritious foods. This will serve as a demonstration project that could be expanded to new communities across Haiti whose livelihoods are dependent on agriculture and a thriving natural environment.

Basketball pou Ankadre Lajenès (BAL)

BAL uses basketball as a tool to educate and mentor vulnerable Haitian youth. In addition to basketball, participants partake in a wide variety of educational and enrichment activities designed to maximize their capacity as citizens and keep them out of trouble. BAL operates in two of Port-au-Prince's most underserved urban neighborhoods: Cité Soleil and Martissant.

BAL proposes to use ACT funding to launch a citizenship program that will catalyze a new generation of youth citizen-leaders. Participants will receive innovative training in civic education and community service that will help them grow into agents of change for a new Haiti. A portion of awarded funds will also be used to cover the organization's operating costs.

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